Phoenix Listings

All active Phoenix properties are shown on this page, listed from lowest-priced to highest-priced. The scroll bar enables you to scroll through the entire list. Use the Edit Search tab at the top of the list to add criteria that will further narrow the search to show properties that meet additional specific criteria (for example, homes within a certain price range). Clicking a photo in the list (or the Photo tab above the search area) shows all the photos for the selected property. Clicking the MLS # (or Details tab) shows all details for the selected property. The Map tab shows all of the listed properties on a scrollable map. You can watch a brief video on the Full MLS Search by clicking HERE. Please Contact Us to see any of these properties or to find a specific type of property or a property in a specific area. We’ll be happy to setup detailed searches that match all your needs and have them automatically emailed to you whenever new listings match what you’re looking for or changes occur in them.